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Staff List



Mr James Davidson  
Deputy Headteachers 
Mr R Sharpe
Mrs M Eastburn-Cutts  

Assistant Headteachers & other members of the Senior Leadership Team 
Mrs K Finlay (SENCO)
Mrs G Hakin 
Mr M Withecombe 
Mr B Crowe 
Mrs N Hosking 

KS3 Pastoral & Academic Leads 
Mrs H Logan (Academic/Progress
Miss B Dawson (Pastoral) 
Assistant KS3 Pastoral  
Mr L Trivett  

KS4 Pastoral & Academic Leads 
Mrs L Miller (Academic Progress) 
Mr C McDonagh (Pastoral

Design Technology Faculty 
Ms E Trevennen (HoF) 
Mr N Powley (2nd
Mrs S Cartmill 
Mr B Taylor 
Mr A Shirley 
Mrs A McConnell (Technician

English Faculty  
Mrs M Kendall (HoF
Miss J Carlyon (Joint 2nd) 
Miss T Cocker (Joint 2nd) 
Mr G Harling 
Miss S Higman 
Miss M Russell 
Mrs L Hutchinson 
Mrs L Gardner 

Expressive Arts 
Mrs H Logan (Head of Music) 
Miss R Morecock (Head of Art) 
Mrs M Weeks (Head of Drama & Dance)
Miss K Byrne (Art) 
Mr G Cross (Music
Miss A White (Art/Drama
Mrs L Dowling (Drama) 

Humanities Faculty 
Miss A Maxted
Ms C Henry (Head of Geography) 
Mrs T Davies (Head of SMSC) 
Mrs T Brumby 
Mrs N Hosking 
Mr C McDonagh 
Mrs T Turuelo  
Maths Faculty 
Mrs S Stephens (HoF
Mrs E Cook (2nd
Mrs M Eastburn-Cutts 
Ms M Anderson 
Mrs M Duffy 
Mrs E Sheffield
Miss P Wright (maternity)  
Mr Ben Craigs (mat cover
Mr M Carnell  
Mr A Hager-Suart 
Mr J Kelly 
Modern Languages Faculty 
Mrs H Innard (HoF)
Mrs B Dawson 
Miss J Nadaud 
Mrs S Romero 

Science Faculty 
Mr J Robins (HoF) 
Mr A Burnett  (2nd
Mr D Eva
Mrs L McCarthy 
Ms T Oakley
Mrs L Parris
Miss S Patterson 
Mrs D Webb 
Mr M Love 
Mrs A Eaves 
ICT Faculty 
Mrs E Trevennen (HoF
Mr J Greenwood (2nd) 
Miss D Lonsdale 
Sport, Health & Fitness Faculty 
Mr J Hocking (HoF
Miss J Bales (2nd) (maternity)
Miss A Bucknole (mat cover) 
Mr L Trivett 
Mr M Withecombe 
Miss N Hinton 

Teaching Practitioners 
Miss A White 
Mr D Atkinson 
Mrs J Schofield 
Mrs H Clay 

Designated Safeguarding Lead 
Mrs N Hosking 

Mrs K Finlay 


Business Manager/SLT
Mrs G Hakin 

Finance Assistant 
Miss S Randle 

Headteacher’s PA/Office Manager 
Ms J Branch 

Data Manager/SLT 
Mr B Crowe 

Exams/Data Officer 
Miss D Stephens 

School Information Officer 
Mrs M Vingoe 

Mrs N Whipp 
Mrs M Perryman 
Miss K Rendall 

Careers Co-ordinator                                                 
Mrs L Sherwood 

Clerk to Governors 
Mrs Laura Keam 

Premises Staff 
Mr M May 
Mr L Withecombe 

Student Welfare Officers 
Mrs Binding Y7
Mrs Toms Y8
Mr Probin Y9

Miss England Y10

Mr Jones Y11

Mrs K Annette (Science) 
Mr N Cartmill (DT) 
Mr A Hill (IT) 
Mrs A McConnell (DT Food) 
Miss J Watson (Art)

Teaching Assistants 
Mrs S Adams  
Mrs K Addey  
Mr D Coad 
Mr N Curry 
Ms L Facey 

Inclusion Manager 
Miss A Rae 

Cadet School Staff Instructor 
Mr D Harnett 

Miss J Watson