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71% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Music (3 Year Average 2019, 2022 & 2022) compared to a national average of 78%

All pupils will take part in practical music making opportunities which develop their performing, composing and listening skills. These core skills are introduced in year 7 and built upon through year 8 and 9. Knowledge and skills will be developed through practical activities, ensuring that all pupils experience multiple instruments through KS3 thus ensuring that no pupil is excluded from music making activities due to disadvantage, SEND or EAL. Pupils will develop social skills through group music making activities, whether they are performance or composition based. Topics studied through KS3 help to widen pupils’ understanding of other countries cultures and traditions whilst also developing an understanding of how music is used in the wider world around them. Throughout each topic pupils develop their vocabulary using specific musical key terms and language. During each self-reflection period at the end of each topic pupils develop their written skills. Pupils develop excellent communication skills through each topic, they are required to work with others on a common goal, discussing options and making decisions in order to achieve a successfully musical outcome, whether through performing or composing.

At KS3 all pupils have 2 music lessons across the two week timetable taught in mixed ability classes. Musical knowledge, skills and understanding are developed through different topics and pupils are assessed at the end of every unit of work. Music is an option subject at KS4 and pupils are able to study either GCSE Music or BTEC Technical Award in Music Practice.

There is a wide range of extra-curricular activities available to all pupils ensuring that there are multiple opportunities for music making. Pupils can choose to join one of the two choirs, play in the mixed instrumental ensemble, create their own music in the Music Technology club or form their own band and book one of the rehearsal spaces available. There are multiple public performance opportunities throughout the school year ranging from the annual Christmas Carol Concert to the exciting Battle of the Bands.

We want our pupils to become confident and creative musicians who can talk articulately about the subject and their experience with knowledge, passion and integrity. M uric forms part of our identity so a good experience of it will raise young peoples’ self-esteem and develop their social confidence.