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69% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in combined and seperate Science subjects (3 Year Average 2019, 2022 & 2023)

Intent: Science at Penair aims to provide opportunities for students that enable them to leave as confident young adults who can engage in the world around them and recognise the many ways in which science impacts them. We look to inspire our students to challenge and question the world around them from such aspects as the impact of antibiotic resistance to single use plastics in our environment.

Implementation: At key stage 3 we look at a range of different topic areas in Biology, Chemistry and Physics and aim to build on the key concepts learnt in key Stage 2. We use practical investigations to encourage our students to be enquiring whilst also building their skills in handling equipment and interpreting results. 

In key Stage 4 students follow a more traditional route of the three specialisms. We look in greater detail at the world around us, from cell biology to exciting chemical reactions to the implications of nuclear physics and the damage that it can bring. We strive to instil a thirst in our students for wanting to know how things work. Importantly, we aim to develop our student’s ability to formulate an informed opinion on scientific matters that frequently appear in the news.

Impact: We want our learners to become enquiring and engaged young adults who are inspired by the science they will interact with as they go through life.  We look to provide them with the skill set to question and challenge the media presentation of facts and to look at the many different ways that, by making informed choices, they can impact the world around them.

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