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Governing Board

NameAppointing bodyTerm of office
Elizabeth Seale (Chair)Members09.12.19 – 08.12.23
Marie GendallCo-opted03.05.22 – 02.05.26
James Davidson (Headteacher)Ex-Officio
Robyn TrowmanParents09.05.22 – 08.05.26
Andy BrigdenMembers09.12.19 – 08.12.23
Robert IngramMembers27.01.20 – 26.01.24
Craig Pascoe (Joint Vice-Chair)Members27.01.20 – 26.01.24
Sara GriffithsMembers04.10.21 – 03.10.25
Marie KerrMembers30.01.23 – 29.01.27
Dr Shaun Pope (Joint Vice-Chair)Parents08.11.21 – 07.11.25
Serving governors over the
previous 12 months:
Resignation date:
Carolyn PowerMembers24.02.23
Jackie ParkerMembers09.05.22

The Governing Board has three core functions:

  • Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction of the school,
  • Holding the Headteacher to account for the school’s educational performance and the performance management of staff,
  • Overseeing the school’s financial performance.

The Governing Board choose to carry out these functions by holding four full governing body meetings per year and by delegating specific duties to two core committees.  Each committee meets termly, with the Business, Audit and Risk Committee holding an additional meeting in the autumn term.  All governors also carry out visits to the school, both during the school day and by attending public events. 

The Business, Audit and Risk Committee lead on:

  • Finance, Audit and Risk:
  • Reviewing the risk register to ensure that risks are being addressed appropriately through internal scrutiny.
  • Reviewing, updating and ensuring compliance with the school’s finance related policies in accordance with the policy review schedule.
  • Considering internal audit reports throughout the year, monitoring progress of recommendations and reviewing the external auditor’s plan annually.
  • Ensuring accuracy of funding information submitted to the DfE and ESFA.
  • Regularly monitoring income and expenditure against budget, including reporting of any significant budget amendments.
  • Establishing and maintaining a three-year financial plan
  • Ensuring sound management of the school’s premises and planning for the future maintenance and development of the estates:
  • Reviewing and planning staffing with due regard to financial aspects.

Committee members: Craig Pascoe (Chair), Elizabeth Seale, Marie Gendall, Marie Kerr.

The Quality of Education Committee lead on:

  • Curriculum and Teaching & Learning:
  • Reviewing, updating and ensuring compliance with the school’s curriculum related policies
  • Evaluating the quality of the curriculum and wider educational opportunities for students.
  • Ensuring systems are in place to make sure the quality of teaching throughout the school is of the highest standard.
  • Student Progress:
  • Reviewing, updating and ensuring compliance with the school’s policies for SEND and Pupil Premium children.
  • Agreeing annually and monitoring the progress targets of students and
  • Monitoring the progress of identified groups and evaluate the impact of strategies to improve progress.
  • Monitoring the impact of additional funding for targeted groups eg. Pupil Premium funding, catch up funding.

Committee members: Shaun Pope (Chair), Marie Gendall, Elizabeth Seale, Andy Brigden, Rob Ingram, Sara Griffiths, Robyn Trowman.

Each governor is appointed a specific aspect of the work of the school to oversee. The following are the link governor roles for 22/23: