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62% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in History (3 Year Average 2018, 2019 & 2022) compared to a national average of 63%

Intent: In History we aim to create learners who are inquisitive about the world around them.  Students develop a range of historical skills that allow them to understand the past and their own place in global history. They investigate the events that have shaped the world and make links between them and the issues we face today and tomorrow. Our aim is not just for our learners to achieve their potential in the subject, but also for our students to leave the school as curious and critical citizens who challenge injustice and inequality. 

Implementation: At KS3, we offer a curriculum that offers both breadth and depth by studying a range of topics. From medieval England in year 7 to 20th century history in year 9, our students will focus on some of the most important events in British history, but also the international events that have shaped our past. At GCSE we teach an eclectic and thought-provoking curriculum that includes: the development of medicine over the last thousand years, the challenges Queen Elizabeth I faced when she became queen, the relationship between the Soviet Union and the USA at the height of the Cold War, and how America dealt with conflict both at home and abroad in the middle of the twentieth century. Lessons are taught in a variety of ways in order to engage and inspire our students, whilst developing skills in literacy, analysis and evaluation.    

Impact: Due to our curriculum at KS3, a large amount of our students who go on to take a GCSE in History. We also have a successful pass-rate of the GCSE, above national average, and a number of our students go on to study History in their further education. 

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