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77% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in English (3 Year Average 2019, 2022 & 2023) compared to a national average of 76%

Intent: The English faculty strive to encourage and foster learners who are ‘curious, critical and confident’ in their approach to reading, writing and oracy.  We aim to nurture analytical thinking and readers who are curious and questioning, through the breadth and depth of texts we study; we cultivate writer’s who are skilled in rhetoric and narrative and we support opinionated, passionate voices through the use of dialogue, debate and discussion. 

Implementation: The English faculty hosts an engaging curriculum which offers breadth and depth in text analysis and understanding.  

In KS3 the study of our non-fiction and fictional texts link seamlessly to 16th and 19th century in addition to contemporary social, historical and moral culture.  Texts such as Ghost Boys, Blood Brothers and Macbeth focus on class, stereotypes, the supernatural, politics and societal change, whilst our modern extracts look at social media, modern culture, fake news and global concerns.  Our revision, debating and law clubs stem from interest provoked by written and spoken word.

At KS4, these ideas continue to be probed, scrutinised and evaluated through a series of texts and authors -some from the literary canon: Dickens, Golding, Shakespeare, Duffy, Wordsworth, and Owen – to name but a few.  Alongside key literary works, students hone their analysis, evaluation, comparison, and creative writing skills ahead of their English Language GCSEsAdditionally, in GCSE media studies, students look at the power of the media and its ability to motivate, persuade and indoctrinate. 

Impact: We want our learners to become critical, methodical, questioning, reasoned and investigative young adults – ones who are able to objectively enquire and explore the written and spoken world around them.  These are the skills, when harnessed, which will endeavour our students to see success in further education or the workplace as confident and skilled communicators. 

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www.bl.uk (British Library)