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Student Council

The School Council is an important part of the student voice, it includes up to 24 students – four from each year group, plus four extra from Year 11. 

Year 11 students chair the meetings and produce the agenda and minutes. 

Each tutor set selects a boy and girl as their Form Captains, these students then belong to the Year Council. Each year group selects two boys and two girls form this group (or any other that feel they could make a contribution). These four students attend the School Council. 

Issues discussed by the council originate from the tutor groups and are shared with the Year Council before being taken to the School Council. The School Council discuss ideas and give feedback via the School Council reps at Year Council meetings and the Form Captains take this information back to the tutor groups. 

The School Council is divided into four committees – Environment, Curriculum and Policies, Student Welfare, and Events. The School Council is also responsible for choosing the charities that the school will support through the year. 

The students have a two day training session once they are elected. They learn how to run meetings and how to listen to ideas. This training is through Phoenix Education, an organisation aiming to increase democracy in school. Penair School took part in creating a video about the work of Pheonix Education and the role of our School Council. 

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