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Modern Foreign Languages

Learning Journey

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76% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Modern Foreign Languages (3 Year Average) compared to a national average of 73%

Intent: We aim to give pupils the skills and vocabulary they need in order to communicate effectively in French and German and to use and manipulate a range of key grammatical structures and patterns. This should enable pupils to make links between topics, whilst becoming more proficient and using more and more complex language.  We develop all four skills; listening, speaking reading and writing. 

We also aim to increase cultural awareness and to engender an enjoyment of language learning through the use of games and fun activities and to make it clear to pupils that resilience is needed to overcome linguistic barriers. 

In our lesson, we strive to encourage pupils to be tolerant and understanding of differences, be they linguistic, cultural or physical. We also try to give all pupils the confidence, skills and tools to access the curriculum and feel that they can achieve their best. 

Implementation: Anybody visiting an MFL lesson should see a variety of activities. There will be a lively atmosphere where there are opportunities to practise all four skills. Pupils will be engaged in choral repetition, games, pair and group work, listening, reading and writing. Pupils use authentic materials to promote cultural awareness.  

Impact:  We strive for engaging lessons to enable pupils to progress because of enjoying the activity. They embed vocabulary and grammatical structures without being aware of this. There is a positive atmosphere around language and we have a good take up of both French and German to GCSE. 

Useful resources websites 

BBC bitesize useful for revision at KS3 and KS4 

www.languagesonline.org.uk good for practising vocabulary and grammar 

www.linguascope.co.uk good for practising new vocabulary. 

www.quizlet.com good for practising vocabulary 

www.memrise.com good for practising new vocabulary 

www.francetvinfo.fr good for keeping abreast with French current affairs and widening vocabulary and improving listening skills.