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83% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Mathematics (3 Year Average) compared to a national average of 71%

Maths is a core subject which supports learning in a number of other subject areas, including Engineering, Science, Geography and ICT. The study of Maths also helps to develop life skills, such as confidence in handling data and numbers, as well as logical, statistical and analytical techniques. 

The Maths department at Penair achieves outstanding results. Learning through the department begins in Years 5 and 6, when lessons are carried out in our feeder schools, and the progression made by students during their five years at Penair is exceptional. 


  • Spiral Curriculum 
  • Develop fluency and problem solving 
  • Promote love, curiosity and resilience in mathematics 

Implementation: Pupils are put into sets for Mathematics but they all study the same topics at the same time. This allows us the greatest degree of flexibility in moving students between sets which ensures we are teaching them at the pace most suitable to their ability. 

The material covered within each set varies, depending on the ages and ability of the group. Pupils are tested at the end of each half term, usually in the last or next to the last week. This helps us monitor the progress students are making in lessons as well as ensuring they are in the correct set. 

Impact: Penair students perform consistently well at GCSE as our results figures demonstrate. The progress made in KS3 give students the opportunity to sit GCSE with solid foundations in Mathematics. We also achieve fantastic results in the UKMT Maths challenges that students have the opportunity to sit both in KS3 and KS4.