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Art, Craft & Design, Graphic Communication, Art Textiles And Photography

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75% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Art subjects (3 Year Average 2019, 2022 & 2023) compared to a national average of 75%


The Art curriculum encourages students to be:

  • Creative through developing a range of outcomes using 2D and 3D materials
  • Inspired by studying a wide variety of art in different genres  
  • experimental, learn from mistakes and have fun
  • curious and discover new skills and strengths.


Through KS3 into KS4 Art lessons provide building blocks for students to become practiced in developing the following:

Observational and imaginative skills;

The skills of research and investigations;

The ability to develop ideas and themes;

The ability to develop a chosen study from conception to realisation;

Knowledge of materials and processes and the ability to work in a systematic and safe manner,

Understanding visual language;

The ability to express personal ideas and feelings;

Knowledge of the work of other artists, designers and craftspeople;

The ability to talk about and criticise their own work and that of 

To work in a range of contexts including Art, Design Craft and Applied Art.

To work with creative individuals and professionals.

At KS4, students can specialise in either Art, Craft & Design, Graphic Communications, Photography or Art Textiles. All the endorsements give students the opportunity to develop their skills and interests through using a wide variety of media and materials. Students have excellent access to specialist equipment and studio space.


The curriculum aims to develop students who are eager to learn new techniques, refine prior learning and understanding. We aim to help our students be confident and curious artists who understand that Art can take many different forms. We aim to foster their creativity and build their resilience and enjoyment of the subject in an atmosphere where it is safe to question and make mistakes. It is ultimately our hope that students independently develop their own ideas and make connections between their own creativity and the world around them. 

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