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Truro Roseland Learning Partnership

Nearly 20 years ago an ex-Headteacher of Penair School, Dr Vann, along with some other Headteachers from Cornwall visited the north island of New Zealand on an educational fact-finding trip.  During the visit the group observed that a number of schools in the Rotorua area of the north island had an annual celebration event to recognise the success of the young people who attended the schools in the area.  The group were so impressed with what they saw that the event was shared with the Headteachers of the Truro Schools.  In which case, every year for nearly 20 years The Truro & Roseland Learning Community (TRLC, comprising Truro & Penwith College, Penair School and its partner primary schools including Truro Nursery, The Roseland School and its partner primary school along with other schools local to the Truro area) have celebrated the success of young people on an annual basis at a showcase event in Truro cathedral during the summer term.  Young people from across TRLC are recognised for their Endeavour under difficult circumstances, Outstanding contribution to others, Academic progress, Community Citizenship and Engagement and Creativity. 

In addition to celebrating the achievements of young people on an annual basis, the TRLC also organises professional development activities for staff across all of our educational establishments in order to help promote and support learning activities for staff. 

As a community we work together to create a secure and friendly environment in which individuals can grow intellectually, emotionally and socially.