Did you know that Penair School has an active fundraising committee? The APFPS committee is a group of parents who meet several times a year to raise much-needed funds for Penair School. We have a small but active group of parents on our team and our Chairwoman is Trudy Tinsdeall. 

Secondary school years are an important time of a child’s transition to adulthood and Penair School goes above and beyond to support and educate all of our children through these years. The work of APFPS enables Penair to provide extra support for areas that are beyond the scope of the school budget. We do not fundraise for equipment, books or school trips, but we do meet the cost of attendance prizes, for example. 

APFPS fundraising helps to make the years at Penair truly memorable for our children. Parents may not realise it, but every year we donate funds to support the Year 11 Leavers Ball and year books. Active learning is encouraged for every child every day of the year, and our whole school community recognises that attendance is vital to attainment, so APFPS raises funds to provide the rewards that incentivise 100% attendance. 

To meet these obligations APFPS also hosts a 100 Club and Christmas Raffle, organises quiz nights, discos and Bag to School collections. We also have a store of good-quality, second-hand uniform available for purchase.  

If you have an idea for a fundraiser, or if the business you work for would like more information about tax-free giving or match funding, please email our Chair, Leonie, at APFPS@penair.cornwall.sch.uk. And of course if you would like to drop into a meeting or help us for half an hour at an event – please email Leonie.