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Curriculum Enrichment Week

At the end of every term we hold our Curriculum Enrichment Week. During this week, while our year 10’s are out of school making the most of their work experience, all other years are encouraged to take part in activities they would not usually get the opportunity to do. These activities are designed to build confidence, teach students extra skills or build on new ones. It also gives our students the opportunity to socialise with their peers and to get to know each other outside of the school environment. Of course, students are always encouraged to take part in our wide range of extracurricular clubs and activities that take place throughout the year, including the other school trips like the annual ski trips which fall outside of CEW.  

Due to the volume of students and the cost of the activities, costs vary depending on which activity a student takes part in, and this is payable by parents. However, we work hard to keep the costs down to a minimum so that more students can take part. This means that if there aren’t enough students on a particular activity, this could be cancelled and replaced with a different activity. We try to make sure that students end up doing something that they would like to do none the less. Some activities take place inside of school as well as further afield.  

Every year the booklet and activities are updated, but some activities such as surfing, dance and golf, for example, have continued to run each year. We endeavour to continue to provide students with the most rewarding activities possible and to ensure students are happy and safe during their week away from school as they know it.