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Uniform Procedure 2022

At Penair we believe our uniform should instil a sense of identity, pride and belonging. We want our students to be comfortable in school as well as ensuring high standards and consistency.  

It is the policy of the Governors that all pupils at Penair will wear the correct school uniform. All possessions which are brought to, or left at Penair School at your own risk, they are not covered by insurance and we would advise that home contents insurance policies cover all items. This is particularly relevant to bringing portable electronic devices into school. 

Our school uniform and PE kit can be ordered through Keywear and AGame.  

Please follow the link below:- 



Compulsory Penair Aspire Blazer,
Penair Aspire Skirt,
Trousers (Slim Fit & Wide Leg),
Atlantic Blue Shirt, 
Penair School Tie,
Black Socks,
Black Tights,
Black Leather Formal Shoes,
Optional Penair V -neck Grey Jumper.

All items of uniform should be carefully marked with the student’s name.

The trousers come in a range of sizes and leg lengths to suit the varying needs of students. There is a skirt available and again this comes in differing sizes and lengths to ensure that this is available to the required knee length of 18 inches. The skirt has the school logo.

Students must wear black school shoes. (Boots, Skate Shoes i.e. Vans or Trainers are NOT allowed). All shoes must be flat soled.
Earrings and jewellery are unsuitable and unsafe for school wear and should not be worn. However we do allow students to wear one stud in each ear. Similarly hair should be of a natural colour and worn in a conventional style. We ask for parents’ co-operation in these matters.