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Digital Information Technology Learning Journey

66% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Business & Computing subjects (3 Year Average 2019, 2022 & 2023) compared to a national average of 62%

Intent:  Computers are changing our world and our workforces. With technology now lying at the heart of our economy, our daily lives and scientific enterprises, the importance of preparing for our rapidly changing, technological world has never been greater. Business & Computer Science are stimulating and rewarding subjects, which opens student’s eyes to the technologically advanced world around them, whilst empowering them with the ability to develop their computational thinking skills and problem solving capabilities. 

Implementation:  Computing is a core subject at Penair and we believe your child deserves a progressive, relevant curriculum with an emphasis on ‘doing it’ rather than ‘writing’ about it. 
They will have access to state of the art facilities in a purpose built Business and Enterprise Centre, industry standard software and the opportunity to use a wide range of digital devices from microbit systems to Raspberry Pi. We work collaboratively with other departments promoting a culture that encourages students to use transferable skills in their learning, in any context. 

 Impact:  Recognising the growing importance of fostering creators, and not consumers of technology, we ensure your child is given opportunities to understand the fundamentals of computer programming and it isfrom this firm foundation that their interest and capability is developed through both key stages. In addition to computing we are currently running an extremely popular and successful GCSE in Computer Science, Business Studies and OCR Marketing & Enterprise, in addition to core IT & Creative iMedia. 

All students at Penair from years 7 to 11 follow a full programme of Core computing in order to prepare for their future roles in society. We hold both the Investors in Careers and Investors in Work Related and Enterprise Learning awards which ensure quality of delivery to all our students. 

Useful resources/websites: 

 We are a Flagship department in the pioneering use of these new technologies. 

We have embedded the use Google Classroom in our own teaching practice and actively promote its use as a teaching and learning tool across the school.  



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