Humanities & Citizenship

73% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in Geography in 2018 - above the national average, and 60% in History - in line with the national average.



The Humanities tell us about human nature; how people live and have lived around the world. The Humanities department at Penair delivers History, Geography, SMSC and Religious Studies. .

SMSC are taught to all year groups for one hour per week. The aim is to develop social and moral responsibility, community involvement and political literacy. Students develop skills of enquiry, communication, participation and responsible action through learning about and becoming informed and interested citizens.

The department offers a number of GCSE options, including History, Geography, and Religious Studies.

For those with a particular interest in human rights, the Amnesty International Youth Group allows students at Penair to get involved with the global charity.

For more information on the Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 curriculum, as well as the Expressive Arts extra curricular activities that pupils can take part in please view the PDF documents below.

Humanities Staff

Head of Faculty

Mrs J Reed -

Ms C Henry – Teacher

Mrs T Brumby – Teacher
Mrs T Davies – Teacher
Mrs N Hosking – Teacher
Mr C McDonagh – Teacher
Mrs T Turuelo- Teacher