Mr M Probin (Year 10)

As the student welfare officer for year 10, I take real pride in supporting the students at Penair with their social, emotional, and mental wellbeing. I do this by treating each young person with the respect they deserve, encouraging their personal and academic progress and celebrating all the brilliant uniqueness’s they possess. 

It is my aim to help the students successfully navigate anychallenges they may be experiencing, making their own decisions,and taking responsibility for their outcomes. It is only by making mistakes that we can learn to succeed and every single student at Penair has the potential to succeed.

I am interested in developing self-awareness that boosts confidence levels, increases resilience, and creates a more positive mindset. This can be achieved through taking the time to check-in with one’s thoughts and feelings, setting achievable goals, taking on challenges with a positive and open-mind, and by creating self-talk that is supportive and conducive to continued personal growth.

In my spare time I like to surf, explore the Cornish coastal paths, play / referee football, and EARTH (being in direct contact with the earth / sand / sea)!