Mrs A Toms (Year 10)

My name is Alison Toms and I am a Student Welfare Officer who currently has the privilege of working with our Year 10 pupils. 

 The emotional health and well-being of these children are my priority, and through meetings, I can offer support, reassurance and the time just to listen, whilst encouraging resilience and independence.

This means keeping parents/carers aware so nothing comes as a ’shock’ at the end of the day, good communication, both ways is vital.  

I also monitor attendance on a weekly basis and am keen to offer practical support at an early stage in order to remove any barriers to learning. 

Quite simply my role is to keep children happy and safe and I strive to do this on a daily basis with a smile and an approachable manner. 

In my spare time I can be found relaxing with my Lurcher Dog Toby, walking around Cornwall whilst listening to an audio book!

I also enjoy spending quality time with my family which usually involves a sport and chocolate in no particular order!