Computer Science

72% of Penair students achieved Grade 4 or above in Computer Science (3 Year Average 2018, 2019 & 2022) compared to a national average of 62%


Learning Journey

Computer Science Intent


  • Develop an understanding an appreciation of how technology is becoming an integral part of our lives 
  • Develop fluency and problem solving  
  • Promote love, curiosity and resilience in programming 

Implementation: Pupils work with one another in a team environment when programming, creating a realistic environment to that found in the real world. Learning is supported by encouraging independent, tailored research and home learning. Students cover a wide range of topics with opportunities to tackle real world problems and to be involved in challenges and competitions with external companies and providers. Student progress is regularly assessed and closely monitored in order to provide tailored support.  

Impact: Penair students perform consistently well at GCSE as our results figures demonstrate. The topics covered in KS3 give students a foundation for the GCSE course. Many students go on to college to study for careers in coding, ethical hacking, games design MI5 and more; including big players such as Google and Microsoft.