Welcome from the Head Boy and Head Girl

In our experience, Penair School allows all students to reach their full potential and find something that they truly love and have a passion for. From Sport and Drama to Art and Science, the range of opportunities we have is outstanding. 

Our extensive and balanced curriculum prepares us for life after secondary school and makes us aware of all the potential pathways we may take in the future. Also, the cooperation between Parents, Staff and Pupils creates an environment suitable for everyone and ensures the best for each and every student who studies here. As a result we are able to celebrate some of the best GCSE results in the region. 

The wellbeing of students is a priority to the school and staff are incredibly supportive. Lessons are engaging and enjoyable and every teacher has a unique teaching style. There is also mutual respect between staff and students, allowing a relationship which results in exceptional achievement.

We are proud to be a part of the Penair School community and, reflecting on these last few years, we are incredibly grateful of what we have gained and experienced during our time here. 

Harry Perfect & Anna Skuse


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