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Learning Detectives

We have been running Learning Detectives at Penair School since 2006, initially as a collaborative project with the Roseland School. This project was designed as a development of Student Voice, focussing on learning from the students’ point of view and is well known across the South West and beyond. The project has featured in educational books and DfE publications. In the training last year, the detectives learnt about high quality learning and how to recognise it, before considering the protocols of going into lessons to be evidence gatherers. 

We are in the process of recruiting our new Learning Detectives team from Year 8. The team will spend a day being trained for their new role as investigators of high-quality learning prior to collecting their evidence in lessons. 

We always look at positive points of learning and give positive feedback that is shared with students, teachers, senior members of staff and even governors. The purpose is to improve our students’ learning experience and to recognise when great learning is present. The findings of the previous academic year’s research into the technique’s teachers use to make lessons interesting was presented to the whole teaching staff at Tuesday morning’s learning briefing.