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Let’s Get Cooking

A taste of Penair.  The aim of the club is to teach young people and their families new cooking skills. We do lots of food preparation and prepare plenty of tasty dishes to take home and hopefully make again. 

Let’s Get Cooking club sessions run on Tuesday afternoons from 3.10-4.55pm. You do not need to be a great cook to attend! 

The club is open to all and is run by the DT department with the help of student mentors. The mentors also help when we have visits from primary schools.  One event we took part in was the ‘Squash It Sandwiches’ with a Jamie Oliver live link. 

Our school chefs sometimes come along to demonstrate dishes and have organised Butchery events. It is very interesting to learn about the different cuts of meat and take part in exciting competitions. 

We have many visiting chefs such as Sanjay Kumar – from the Cornish School of Sardines. Let’s Get Cooking have also participated in events such as cooking at the Porthleven Food Festival where we met Anthony Worrall Thompson.  A real treat! 

We have also visited the organic farm at Cusgarne and had a visit and talk from Rodda’s Creamery and they very kindly donated a beautiful Hamper for us to give as a prize. We have also been privileged to have members of staff presenting demonstrations to the group such as paella. We encourage competitions and give fantastic prizes.