Sport, Health & Fitness

94% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in PE GCSE in 2018 and 92% in PE VCert - above the national average.


Sport, Health & Fitness

Penair Schoolʼs faculty of Sport, Health & Fitness (SHF) teaches all pupils in the school in single sex and same-ability groups in accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines for Physical Education.

We have given a lot of thought into the type of individuals we want to see by the time pupils leave us and this has shaped the planning and design of what is a very modern and forward looking curriculum.

Our faculty is one of the best placed within the school to develop independent young people who are not afraid to challenge themselves.

We want our students to know what it feels like to be physically and mentally exhausted, to have experienced the highs of victory and the lows of defeat along with knowing what it means to a member of a team.

Our vision for the future is to provide pupils with a first class 21st Century sport, health and fitness experience that actively engages and inspires each and every pupil to discover and realise the mental and physical rewards of choosing to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle.

At Penair School we want to give the pupils ownership over their own goals and give them greater independence in accessing healthy and active exercise in a variety of physical activities.

We like pupils to be looking smart and have made strides to improve the appearance of the required kit. Involving our sports council, we now have a very smart and professional looking SHF kit which the pupils take pride in wearing.

Our students have had excellent success in inter-school, regional, county and even national competitions and offer an extensive range of extra-curricular opportunities.

Pupils of all abilities are encouraged to take part in the additional activities and staff work hard to ensure they are well attended.

We have some of the best sports facilities locally and our pupils are extremely lucky. These provide them with an excellent environment in which to learn and develop their full SHF potential.

In the future we want to develop Penair School into an interactive campus, this will include the installation of a wide range of facilities that will enable pupils and members of the community to independently access SHF opportunities, promoting the benefits of an active healthy lifestyle.


Leadership (Sports Leadership Award, Sports Council, Sports Captains) 

Sports Leadership Award

When pupils are in year 10, they have the opportunity to enrol on a nationally recognised Sports Leadership Award accredited by Sports Leaders UK. Sports Leaders UK provides nationally recognised leadership awards and qualifications that help people develop essential life skills such as organisation, motivation, communication and working with others. All of the awards and qualifications are practical – candidates learn by doing rather than through written work. And, we don’t do exams – assessment is made upon a candidate’s ability to lead and demonstrate their leadership skills for a certain period of time, within a specific setting. Penair pupils have the opportunity to work with Sporting National Governing Bodies….. Candidates don’t need to be sports stars or prima ballerinas – instead an interest in their chosen activity, a positive attitude and a willingness to volunteer are all that is required. As a part of the course, Penair pupils are expected to undertake a number of sports volunteering hours in school and/or in the community.

Sports Council

The Sports Council will always welcome new views/opinions, and decisions will be made in a democratic way. Becoming a member of the sports council is easy and we welcome pupils from all year and all set groups. Please see any member of PE staff if you are interested in being a part of the Sports Council.

Sports Captains

Penair Sports Captains are an integral part of the PE faculty. Below is a list of some of their very important responsibilities/roles:

Sports Captains have to try to keep pupils motivated during all after school practices and PE lessons be encouraging with words of advice to all pupils – not just the ones who enjoy sports! This will hopefully develop class morale.
Sometimes they will be asked to lead warm-ups in lessons. This should really challenge their leadership skills.

Sports Captains must encourage as many pupils in their year to come along to after school practices – this might mean that they will need to help the PE department to put posters up or talk in assembly. This will help to develop their communication skills.
They will need to hand out ‘team sheets’ to members of the team in plenty of time before a fixture, and also follow the ‘Match Check List’ where required. Also, after every fixture they will need to write up a short match report and email it to a member of staff who will then print it out and send it to the school website/newsletter. This will develop their organisational skills.
During school matches Sports Captains will need to always keep their team motivated, especially when they are losing. This will be tough sometimes but it’s at low points that teams will look to you to give them support. This will help them to learn how to always provide encouragement when times are difficult.
Sports Captains will need to be totally committed to their important role, and should always remember to play competitively but always play fairly.

For more information on the Core Key Stage 4 curriculum as well as Sport, Health & Fitness at GCSE and GCSE PE, please view the PDF documents below.

Sport, Health & Fitness Staff

Head of FacultyMr J Hocking (

Deputy Head of Faculty - Mrs J Bales

Mr L Trivett – Teacher
Mr M Withecombe – Teacher
Miss N Hinton- Teacher

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