83% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in Biology, Chemistry and Physics in 2018 (74% across all science subjects) - above the national average.



The faculty teaches balanced science, which means all students learn a combination of physics, chemistry and biology using a context-based approach.

We provide an exciting and interactive curriculum that requires students to take on the role of scientists through a variety of engaging and relevant themes likes Forensics, Extinction and A&E. Each theme provides students with the opportunity to acquire and develop scientific knowledge and skills.

In Key Stage 4 students have the option to take either the two GCSE (Science and Additional Science) or three GCSE (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) path. Penair was one of the first schools in the county to offer separate sciences and we have been consistently successful.

For more information on Science in Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4 please view the PDF documents below.


Science Staff

Mrs K Finlay  Head of Faculty

Mr A Burnett – Deputy HoF

Mr D Eva – Teacher

Mrs L McCarthy – Teacher

Mrs T Oakley – Teacher

Mrs L Parris – Teacher

Miss S Patterson – Teacher

Mrs D Webb – Teacher

Mr M Love- Teacher 

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