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Transfer from primary to secondary school is an important time for all children; some students take it in their stride, others are less certain. Transfer from primary school can be a nervous time. We understand this and many supportive measures are in place to help families adapt quickly and comfortably to the new world.  At Penair we invest a considerable amount of time and effort in an induction programme which will help students adjust socially, emotionally and academically.

Penair School recognises the importance of building and maintaining close and effective links with all of our partner primary schools. We actively share resources on a regular basis where our teachers work closely with primary colleagues in the planning, preparation and delivery of a quality and enjoyable educational experience for youngsters. Primary children visit our site to use facilities on a regular basis so that the start to Penair in Year 7 isn’t a ‘new’ experience.

Visits are also made to primary schools as often as possible by senior staff, the Director of Learning (Head of Year) and our Director of Inclusion (Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)), to establish links with future students. Members of staff teach lessons in our Partner Primaries and we have an exciting Year 5 curriculum project during the summer term with a special day of activities as the focal point. This is followed by two Intake days in July for Year 6 pupils that are spent with Year 7 tutors in new form groups. The aim of the two Intake days is to ensure that pupils feel confident, eager and enthusiastic to start at Penair in September. Immediately after the Intake days a ‘New Parents’ Evening is held to exchange valuable information and meet form tutors, the Director of Learning, the Headteacher and Senior Leadership Team.  In recent years, Year 6 students have also taken part in a ‘summer challenge’ activity.  This takes place in the summer vacation period with the intention of enabling students to establish and build new friendships before starting at Penair in September.

We meet every new student individually in their own partner primary school before transfer and there are opportunities during the induction days for meeting with key members of the school staff. For those pupils who join us from outside our designated area we encourage these pupils to have a tour of the school so that they can have a flavour of the Penair School experience.  We try to learn as much as we possibly can about each child before they even come to the school. On arrival, students are allocated to a tutor group that belongs to one of two populations (Allen and Kenwyn) who are distinguished by the language that they follow (either French or German).   The Year group are looked after by a Director or Learning along with a Pastoral Support worker and a team of tutors.  In practice, Year 7 students love their new environment and within a few weeks they feel like old hands at the school. Within the first few weeks some will take centre stage by talking to the next generation of new parents!

Penair has a successful and strong relationship with the surrounding partner primary schools. We work with them on a variety of projects and events throughout the year.  This ensures a smooth transition from primary to secondary education.  The partnership:

  • Includes all our local partner primary schools
  • Provides continuing professional development between colleagues
  • Invites students and teachers to our excellent School Productions
  • Promotes a wide range of curricular activities between schools, often supported by Penair students (eg Junior Sports Leaders help to organise multi-skills sports events; Sport, Health & Fitness Faculty hosts workshops as well as mini-sports days for Primary Schools)
  • Transition orchestra and the joint Penair & Partner Primary Schools Concert)
  • Recognises the gifts and talents of all our primary students

Penair School hosts a number of multi-sport festivals every year for children in years 3-6 from local primary schools. The aim of these events is for primary school children to come to Penair to try a variety of sports in a relaxed environment. The activities are organised and run by Penair School Sports Leaders who do an absolutely fantastic job!

Penair enjoys partnership with the seven Partner Primary Schools in/around the Truro area:

Archbishop Benson Primary School

Bosvigo Primary School

Devoran Primary School

Kea Community Primary School

St Erme with Trispen Primary School

St Mary’s Church of England Primary School

Tregolls Primary School

Strong links also exist with Truro Nursery School.

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