Penair Partner Schools

Penair works with a number of local schools. It not only works with the Truro and Roseland Learning Community but it also has regular interaction with its partner primary schools which include:

  • Archbishop Benson
  • Bosvigo
  • Kea
  • St Erme with Trispen
  • St Mary’s
  • Tregolls
  • Devoran

Penair knows that the transfer from primary to secondary school is an important time for all children; some students take it in their stride, others are less certain.

It invests a considerable amount of time and effort in an induction programme which will help students adjust socially, emotionally and academically.

Visits are made to primary schools as often as possible by the senior staff, the Director of Learning and the Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO), to establish links with future students.

Former students return to their primary schools to talk to pupils and help eliminate any concerns they have including getting lost or too much homework.

Members of staff teach lessons in our Partner Primaries and we have an exciting Year 6 curriculum project during the summer term, with a special day of activities as the focal point.

This is followed by two Intake days in July spent with Year 7 tutors in new form groups. These days continue the theme of the joint curriculum project and culminate in an exhibition and performance of the students’ work from the project on the second Intake day.

The aim of the two Intake days is to ensure that the students feel confident, eager and enthusiastic to start at Penair in September.

Immediately after the Intake days a ‘New Parents’ Evening is held to exchange valuable information and meet form tutors, the Director of Learning, the Headteacher and Senior Management Team.

Year 6 students have also been invited to take part in a ‘summer challenge’ activity.  This takes place in the summer holidays and includes various activities within the school grounds so the children get familiar with their news surroundings and make new friends before the term starts.


Visits to School

Parents of new students are invited to visit Penair during the previous academic year usually in September and July. Parents who arrive in the area subsequently or whose children attend primary schools other than those in our catchment area should contact the school to arrange an appointment for a visit. Parents are welcome to visit the school at any time. Please telephone: Mr R. Sharpe, Deputy Headteacher, telephone (direct line) 01872 245137.

Further guidance and an information leaflet which contains the admissions criteria are available from Admissions and Transport (Policy), Camel Building, County Hall, Treyew Road, Truro, TR1 3AY. 0300 1234 101.

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