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Welcome from the Head Students

For us, Penair School has been more than we could have ever asked for as students. Our broad curriculum has shaped us to perform our best inside the academic realm and a diverse and extensive extracurricular program makes everyone unique and valued in our community. Others and ourselves have received the best teaching possible because of our caring, ambitious, and experienced members of staff! 

Our learning environment is built on our motto Live to Learn providing each student their right to a fantastic education. Us as students are provided everything needed to make informed and educated decisions every step of the way in the most important choices, like choosing our GCSE’s or post 16 options. 

Every single staff teacher teaches in their own unique style which is apparent in their engaging and stimulating lessons across all subjects from science to art. This creates a strong respect between both pupils and staff which encourages the students to flourish. 

In our last year at Penair, we both feel so privileged, and we couldn’t be more thankful of the experience we have had at our school. From the wide range of extracurricular activities, talented staff, engaging lessons and friendships we hope to have for many years to come, Penair school ticks all the boxes and makes no 5-year journey dull. For us we would only encourage every student to grasp every opportunity offered to them. 

Molly Rogers & Noah Brunsden-Brown