Our Dining Room

Our award-winning kitchen has always pursued a policy of sourcing the best ingredients locally though our “farm to fork” philosophy. Winners of a Silver Award from the Food for Life Partnership and are currently hoping to achieve the Gold Award, we are always looking to improve the sustainability of our meals. Currently we source all of our fruit, vegetables and meat fro Local Farms and our fish from MSC certified stocks.  This autumn we plan to create a small holding from our kitchen garden with the addition of chickens and be the first secondary school to achieve the Gold Food for Life Award.

We source our ingredients from local suppliers such as butcher Scorse Foods in Helston, fish from Mathew Stevens and Sons of Newlyn,  Westcountry Fruit Sales for fruit and vegetables, Crantock Bakery for our Pasties.

Our food is so popular that we do not have enough space so we have recently extended our dining room to include an outside seating area which is proving very popular with our students.  We also offer a takeaway service which enables everyone to have a hot lunch, although it does generate a lot of waste which the seagulls love! Our solution is our “waste to energy” plant. Instead of using polystyrene boxes, we use ones made from sugar cane fibres which are completely compostable and can go into our bio-digester.

The boxes are supplied by Vegware and are made from a variety of compostable materials. You can find out more about them at the Vegware website: https://www.vegware.com/materials-we-use/info_17.html

Also Penair parents are welcome to join us at our Lets Get Cooking after school club and participate in our cooking program and trips to local farms, buchery demonstrations and the opportunity to use the herbs and vegetables that will be grown in our small holding.

Finally, one of our maths teachers, Mrs Cook, supplies the staff with delicous free range eggs from her growing flock of chickens.


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