Media Studies

Media Studies is an exciting course that pupils can take as an option in Key Stage 4 that combines practical activities with analysis and writing.

Media Studies is a course that combines the theoretical study of the Mass Media and Media platforms with practical application of the theory learnt. Students enjoy exploring the impact the Media has on our lives as a society but also designing new Media products. It is an absorbing but fun course!

Modules will offer the opportunity for students to study Magazines and Comics, Contemporary Reality Television, British Comedy Films and to undertake a practical production assignment of their own choice based on a hobby or interest.

The course develops students’ understanding of the way the media has developed to become a powerful influence in contemporary society with particular focus on the understanding of representation, analysis, institutions, language, ideology, narrative and genre.


What will the course involve?

The course itself is divided into two components which are: 3 controlled assessments and an externally assessed examination at the end of the course.

  • 60% of the marks are given for controlled assessments
  • 40% of the marks are given for the external examination

The course will develop your ability to write about and use aspects of the media. You would learn about: – Key media terminology and concepts. – Areas of the mass media such as journalism, film making, television and advertising – You will be expected to write about these, applying media theories, and produce examples of the specific ‘medium’ for the controlled assessments.

The controlled assessments and the examination are designed to test your skill in being critical and analytical of the media. You will therefore look at aspects of the media in terms of: industries, consumption, audiences, representation, denotation and connotation, understanding of codes and conventions, technologies old and new, media debates, historical contexts and production. The three assignments include: an introductory assignment, cross-media assignment and practical production and evaluation. A positive aspect about the examination is that you get to see the exam paper beforehand in order to prepare fully for the tasks. Past examination papers have covered topics such as music promotion and adventure films.

Although you will do some writing which will be different analyses of various mediums and be assessed for that, Media Studies is also assessed through practical work. You will be expected to use computers, make films, produce print texts, and contribute to group projects such as making a trailer for your own film from a particular genre. You should be the sort of student who enjoys doing these activities and likes working with other people. Time management is also an important aspect as you need to be able to complete your controlled assessments in time. This is also a useful skill to develop if you decide to go in to the media industry as a career later on.

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