82% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in English in 2018; 4% achieved Grade 9 (national average is 3%).



The English Faculty is a high achieving and innovative faculty. 

In the English Faculty we believe in putting the child or young adult at the heart of everything we do. We have always believed in personalised learning, and ensure that every child makes the most progress possible. We are committed to ensuring all learners make significant progress through clear differentiation and personalised targets thus enabling all students to fulfil their potential.

Our Key Stage 3 syllabus is engaging and inspiring as we study a wide range of fiction and non-fiction texts. We focus on a broad spectrum of works from C19th poetry to contemporary texts. This ensures a clear insight into how and why the English Language has developed.

Our Key Stage 4 students follow the AQA English Language and Literature course. All our students study a combined course of English Language and English Literature. This enables them to achieve two GCSE’s in English. A vast number of our students continue to study English in further education. By taking two GCSE’s this gives the students the opportunity to study a wide range of texts and poetry from different cultures, genres and eras.

The English Department offers a wide range of extra-curricular activities including visits to the theatre, Youth Speaks, and writing articles for the West Briton. These events and activities are well attended and enjoyed by all pupils.

Below you will find information about the courses we study at KS3 and KS4 in English Language and English Literature; details of our extracurricular activities and hints on how to help your child with their English can be found in our extra-curricular booklet. 

At KS3 pupils follow the National Curriculum. They are assessed in writing, reading and speaking and listening using specific success criteria. Over the course of two and a half years your pupil will study:

  • Grammar and writing: non fiction, poetry and prose.
  • Prose novels and poetry from the literary heritage.
  • Contemporary prose and poetry.
  • Contemporary drama and plays by Shakespeare.
  • Speaking, discussion and drama activities.

For more information on the Key Stage 3 curriculum please view the PDF below.


English Language

  • Paper 1- Exploration in creative reading and writing. 1 literature fiction text (25%) Descriptive or narrative writing. (25%)  (80 marks) 
  • Paper 2- Writer's viewpoints and perspectives. 1 literary non fiction text and 1 non fiction text. (25%) Writing to present a viewpoint. (25%) (80 marks) 
  • Additionally, a non assessed spoken language element: 
  • presenting
  • responding to questions and feedback
  • use of standard English
  • aqa.org.uk/8700

English Literature 

  • Shakespeare- Romeo and Juliet (extract based question and referring to the text as a whole- usually through a theme). 
  • Great expectations.
  • (40%) 


  • Lord of the flies 
  • Poetry Collection- Power and conflict 
  • Unseen poetry
  • (60%) 
  • aqa.org.uk/8702



English Staff

Head of Faculty - Mrs M Kendall (mkendall@penair.cornwall.sch.uk)

Miss J Carlyon- Teacher of English

Mr G Harling- Teacher of English

Mrs K Carter- Teacher of English and Media
Mr M Collington- Teacher of English
Miss S Cox- Teacher of English and responsible for primary links
Mrs L Miller- Academic progress leader for KS4
Mrs C White- Teacher of English

Mrs E Morgan- Teacher of English