83% of students achieved Grade 4 or above in DT Food and Nutrition in 2018 - above the national average.


Design Technology

The Design Technology Faculty believes in enabling all students to become independent, creative and innovative designers moving design forward in a rapidly developing technological world.

We recognise the value of risk taking, and that experimentation and unexpected outcomes provide innovative opportunities for designing and making. We aim to motivate and inspire both confidence and learning as students have fun through designing and making.

Key Stage 3 students study three modules in DT each year: Engineering, Food & Catering, and Textiles. Modules are regularly updated to keep pace with changing technologies.

At Key Stage 4 a range of materials are offered as popular options at GCSE. The faculty regularly reviews these and offers new courses (e.g Engineering) to inspire and motivate students in our fast changing world.

The DT area is exceptionally attractive with well organised and equipped classrooms, community spaces and corridors.Outstanding displays support independent learning and celebrate success. Some of the accommodation has been designed and refurbished by the staff themselves, which has led to a facility which inspires admiration from visitors.

Students are able to make use of a laser cutter, a 3-D printer, well equipped specialist rooms, and an up to date computer suite with ‘state of the art’ design software.

The Penair Engineering Club continues to inspire the next generation of Engineers through the research and development of our electric cars. The club had an excellent season last year (2015)  moving from 8th place in the country (out of 250+ teams) to 5th place. 

The teams lead car ‘Raptor Fusion’ is in the best shape it has ever been with a new aerodynamic body constructed over the summer holidays by students and staff. The team have also made the car more balanced, refined the gearing and created a gear indicator system to encourage efficient driving. We are looking forward to a competitive race season in 2016 and continue to look for further gains. The club is also developing a new car to be lighter and more aerodynamic than anything we have previously built. 

Design Technology Staff

Head of Faculty - Mrs M Erents

Mrs S Cartmill – Teacher

Mr N Powley – Teacher

Mrs L Norton – Teacher

Mrs A McConnell- Teacher