Penair's Combined Cadet Force

What is the CCF?

We are proud to boast the only standalone Royal Air Force CCF unit in the country, and the only CCF unit of any service in Cornwall. Pupils are invited to join our CCF section from year 8 onwards. We typically recruit in the Autumn term each year, although some pupils are accepted throughout the year based on individual circumstances.

The CCF is sponsored by the Ministry of Defence with the aim of providing "a disciplined organisation in a school so that pupils may develop powers of leadership by means of training to promote the qualities of responsibility, self-reliance, resourcefulness, endurance and perseverance." It is not a recruiting organisation but a significant proportion of officers in the armed forces have served in the CCF. As the CCF is sponsored by the MOD, we have access to the training facilities used by UK regular forces personnel.

What do we do?

We parade every Wednesday from 3:15 until 5:15. Typical activities include aviation-focussed lessons, leadership activities, drill (marching), First Aid training, .22 rifle shooting, mountain biking, climbing and map work. Cadets work through the CCF syllabus to gain qualifications and promotions. 

During the Easter and Summer holidays, we are allocated flying places and cadets gain airborne experience in the Grob Tutor. We aim to ensure that every cadet has a flight- some have had 6 flights so far during their time in the section.

Other activities we have enjoyed during the first 18 months of our existence include shooting the L98 rifle (the air cadet version of the regular armed forces weapon), mountains trips, annual camp to RAF Honington, overseas camp to Cyprus, successful completion of the Air Cadet Leadership Course, participation in the Remembrance parade, competing in the CCF (RAF) annual competition at RAF Blandford and termly overnight camps incorporating night exercises. This is an extensive list and illustrates the range of opportunities on offer to our cadets.

Why join?

Our cadets are a welcoming group of pupils ranging from year 12 to year 8. By joining, pupils develop friendships that span year groups and school populations. The huge range of activities we undertake are designed to push each individual’s boundaries, helping them to develop their confidence and leadership skills, as well as giving them new and exciting experiences. Our annual camp, which takes place during Curriculum Enrichment week, is the highlight of the year. As well as being a huge amount of fun, it effectively gives pupils work experience from year 8 upwards.

What do students have to say?

Pupils have been overwhelmingly positive about their involvement in the CCF to date:

“Opening the ration pack was exciting. It felt like a food Christmas.”

“I mostly enjoyed the shooting down at the TA centre. We did a variety of shooting including groupings and rapid fire on Wednesday lead by Squadron Leader Johns.”

“The night exercise was very realistic and I highly enjoyed leading a squad throughthe dark.”

“Drill exercises are fun and have taught me a lot about correct marching”

“The RAF Regiment museum was the best day of camp as we could play on all of the military equipment.”

“I love flying and want to do as much as I can. Aerobatics are the best thing ever!” 

We would like to thank the following companies for their continued support of Penair CCF. 

Western Power Distribution 

Rotary Club Truro 



Truro Glass

Cornwall County Council 

The Norman Family Charitable Trust 

Duchy Hospital 




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