Careers Education Information, Advice and Guidance

Please find below the Careers Education Information Advice and Guidance policy and the Careers Annual plan

Careers education and guidance is a vital component in student’s progression through the school. Penair School works with all students to allow them access to a wide range of opportunities for career planning.

Careers guidance helps inspire pupils towards further study and enables them to make informed decisions. The Careers Education and Guidance programme prepares all students for adult life and the wide ranging opportunities open to them.

Students are encouraged to aim high and fulfil their potential. All students have access to a Careers Education and Guidance programme throughout the School. This process begins in Year 7 and culminates in Year 11 when students make choices post 16.

Year 9 are given careful support in option choices to ensure they consider all of the GCSE decision carefully. Year 10 have a wide range of career opportunities from college taster days to a week long work experience. In Year 11 students are given a comprehensive range of support with their post 16 choices to ensure student chances are maximised for career progression. We work closely with local employers, Further education providers, Universities and the Armed Forces to ensure that students have a broad range of experience in which to make their decisions. The annual careers fair is an excellent opportunity for parents and students to discover more about the choices available to them.

Each year students are able to visit local Colleges, attend University seminars and employer workshops . Through the cadet force students are able to find out more about the armed services. Employer links are an essential part of Careers Education and we have formed close partnerships with key local employers.

“Schools should help every pupil develop high aspirations and consider a broad and ambitious range of careers. Inspiring every pupil through more real-life contacts with the world of work can help them understand where different choices can take them in the future” - Careers Guidance and Inspiration in School, Department of Education April 2014

Key Stage 3

Year 7

In PSHE students are introduced to the concept of a career, different kinds of work and gender stereotyping.

Year 8

Students undertake financial education as part of the citizenship programme.

Year 9

Students are fully supported in the decision making process for choosing options at KS4 by undertaking an analysis of their personal attributes, skills and abilities.

Key Stage 4

Year 11

All students in Year 11

  • are guaranteed a Careers Guidance interview
  • Are provided with a wide range of information regarding post 16 courses and training opportunities.(college prospectuses, apprenticeship opportunities)
  • Support with the college application process and course selection
  • have the opportunity to attend the Cornwall Skills annual careers fair.
  • Have a dedicated College taster evening
  • Have a carers evening for parents and students
  • Apprenticeship identification and support, including employer workshops
  • Attend College visits and talks
  • Have a comprehensive programme of careers education and guidance
  • Have information on summer activities such as National Citizenship Service and University Summer Schools


Year 10

All students in Year 10

  • Attend a college taster day
  • Have a comprehensive programme of careers education and guidance
  • Take part in work experience week.
  • Have access to Careers Guidance appointments and support
  • In Year 10 students are given the opportunity to research their suitability for work experience placements using Kudos ( a web based careers programme)
  • Learn how to complete an application form accurately, write a letter of application, produce a CV using ICT, and how to present themselves well in an interview.
  • Follow procedures related to finding and securing a work experience placement
  • To be fully aware of Health and Safety issues
  • Undertake a valuable debriefing and evaluation of Work Experience


Year 10 Work Experience

At Penair School we believe that work experience is an extremely important part of a young person’s education and their understanding of the world of work. Effective work-based and work-related learning can help young people to become successful learners, confident individuals, responsible citizens and effective contributors to society. The essential purpose of an effective work experience programme is to enhance the education of young people and their understanding of the world of work by:

  • Experiencing working life and all this entails
  • Developing enterprising skills.
  • Developing and applying their communication, numeracy and ICT skills in the workplace
  • Enjoying appropriately focused careers education
  • Exchanging ideas with industry professionals
  • Developing networks with potential, future employers
  • Improving their CV or personal statement


Work Experience Links


Useful Websites 

Local Colleges


University choices

Choosing A Career

Measuring Impact

The School uses a number of measures to evaluate impact including analysing destination data, taking views of students and parents at key event such as information evenings. As well as the ongoing evaluation of careers education programme and careers days. 


Careers Lead:Leanne Sherwood


Leanne Sherwood

Careers Co-ordinator

Penair School

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